Recreational Vehicles

We have specialized coverage for motorcycle, scooter, ATV, snowmobile, side by side, gator, RV, motor home, camper van, dirt bike, travel trailer, boat, jet ski, and golf cart.

Today there are more recreational vehicles than ever! From an early age, my father always loved the outdoors, sleeping in a tent in the backyard a majority of the summer. In Wooster, we are fortunate enough to have four great seasons for outdoor activity. We are lucky to have close access to many parks, trails, and lakes in Ohio. With so many different types of vehicles and uses of those vehicles, we have four primary companies to cover them in the most efficient way possible. Each of those companies has specialized coverage for each type of vehicle. 


It is important to get dedicated coverage for these vehicles and not assume they are adequately covered under the home or auto policy. Most auto and home companies have either reduced or eliminated coverage for these types of vehicles within the last 10 years. Even if they are partially covered there are so many other available coverages that are specific only to boats, campers, and motorcycles that you would be missing out on. Many times the policies are the same price or less and offer much better coverage. 

​We routinely quote all recreation vehicles in the traditional policies, then in our three specialized companies to make sure you can make the best decision possible. Since these programs are dedicated to a specific type of vehicle, as the industry changes that program can be flexible and change with it. For example, renting out your travel trailer or camper on Outdoorsy or RV Share was typically excluded as a commercial use. However, under a new program we have, it can be covered for FREE. This new coverage is available through Progressive Insurance Ohio RV program. If you have questions about how to obtain this policy, please contact us and we can explain it in more detail. 


​Even as a kid I have always loved being outdoors and riding dirt bikes and scooters, but anyone who has had experience with them knows the dangers as well. I remember wrecking multiple times and even hitting a tree. Many times I see customers only interested in insuring recreational vehicles because of their monetary value or when there is a loan. As important as that is, the other coverages are even more critical. They are risking your entire financial future not just continuing your hobby. Liability, medical payments, and uninsured motorists are often overlooked when offroad and only valued on an auto policy. However, they are even more important on a recreational vehicle. The best example of this is if you call and get the cheapest motorcycle insurance, they often leave off uninsured motorist and medical payments which are by far the most likely and most costly coverage you need. We always make a point to quote these coverages and not make those decisions for you.


Recreational vehicles are where you spend your most treasured time so let Oyer Insurance Agency help you make it as stress-free as possible. We will do the price shopping for you, make sure you understand the coverages, present you with the most affordable options and simply let you pick what’s best for your family. Life is too short to waste your time shopping and worrying about insurance on something that is just supposed to bring you joy. We are here to help you navigate that and ensure you keep making memories.