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Wooster Memorial Park

Oyer Insurance Agency has been part of the Wooster, Ohio Community since 1980. Our family hasn't just worked in Wooster all that time, we have lived and raised our children here. In 1966 my Grandfather and Grandmother, came from a small town in Kansas to Wooster. It may not be the hottest tourist spot in the world, but day in and day out it's a great place to put down roots.

There is a lot to love about Wooster but one thing I have come to appreciate is the beautiful parks. I used to live in the north-end of Wooster and I literally had 5 parks in walking distance from my house! Wooster Memorial Park is one my favorite spots in the Wayne County. I went there as a kid and I even have taken hikes with my daughter when she was 3 years old!

It makes me feel blessed to not only have a local family business in Wooster, but also to live here and raise my children here as well. So far three generations have planted roots here and served Wooster from 2708 Cleveland Road and now I'm raising the 4th hopefully to do the same.

Thank you Wooster, Ohio for supporting my family over the last 52 years.

- Trent Oyer, CIC

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