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My name is Trent Oyer, CIC

If you live in Ohio we are your insurance solution. At Oyer Insurance Agency we offer Car, Home, and Business Insurance including affordable Ohio SR22 Insurance.

Since 1980, Oyer Insurance Agency has been a family-owned and operated, independent insurance agency that represents multiple insurance companies. We are located in Wooster, Ohio. We invest 100% of our time and energy in delivering first-class service to our insureds.

Being an independent agency in Ohio allows us to represent some of the best insurance companies in Ohio such as Progressive, Western Reserve, National General (by Allstate), and more. Insurance rating has become increasingly complex and there is no longer one cheapest insurance company out there. That is why we have multiple companies to compare policies to find the best coverage and price for you.

We specialize in Ohio car insurance, home insurance, and business insurance including an Ohio SR22. Insurance rates, coverages, and trends are changing more rapidly than ever. Companies are now using a wide variety of your information to determine what you pay that has never been considered before. Every day we review policies, check rates, and learn about updated policy forms. We understand more about how premiums are set and the important factors that dictate your prices. This allows us to find ways to keep your insurance affordable. We have the expertise to maximize your coverage while saving you time and money on your insurance. It doesn't end there though, we understand that is just the beginning of the relationship. We continue to monitor your renewals and look for the best insurance option when things get out of line.

We have always invested in the best insurance education through the National Alliance Certified Insurance Counselor Program. We want to give you convenient access to help when you need it most. You can access your policy information through the customer portal and you can call, text, or email us anytime.

If you live in Ohio call Marlin or Trent today for a no-obligation quote at (330) 345-5819 or complete our online instant quote. Insurance can be complicated and frustrating, especially in our most vulnerable times. That is why we are personally accessible online, by phone, and in person. 

Let our family help yours!

- Trent Oyer, CIC

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