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Affordable Car Insurance Agency in Wooster, Ohio

Oyer Insurance agency provided car insurance long before it was required in Ohio. As with everything we do here we are focused on serving our customers with the best possible information and advice coming from our experience and continuing education through the National Alliance. Since insurance policies, laws, company practices, and consumers are always changing we complete multiple classes a year to stay up to date. 


Insurance companies are always changing prices and tweaking rates based on ever-changing data. You are also always changing which means the data the insurance company bases your price is changing. The company that was the best price for your car, home, or business insurance two years ago may not be the best option today. That is one reason we represent multiple companies because as things inevitably change we can give you other competitive options to keep your prices affordable.


We understand that our customers have a vast variety of needs when it comes to auto insurance. We have insurance companies and programs that can fit your coverage needs as well as your budget. We aren't focused on selling you as much coverage as possible but instead on the coverage that has the highest value to your specific situation. This also allows us to take care of our customers in good times and bad.

We not only invest much of our time in providing exceptional customer service but we structure our agency around it and invest in it. One way we have done this is by using technology to be daily reviewing files. We review daily reports to watch for lapsed policies, increased renewals, and missing recommended coverages. It's important to us to make every effort to take good care of our customers.  


We make every effort to not just send you down the road if things take a turn on your driving record. We enjoy helping new or old customers if they are trying to get their driver's license back. That is why we have multiple competitive sources for Ohio SR22 Insurance or bonds. 

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