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How You Can Enjoy Cost Efficient Car Insurance

How You Can Enjoy Cost Efficient Car Insurance

Car insurance is not a fun way to spend your hard earned money, it's not too exciting to talk about and it’s expensive but it is necessary. People who earn between $20,000 per year can pay as much as those who earn more than $200,000 per year. So, based on its importance and the costs, it’s easy to comprehend why most people are looking for car insurance, which is cost efficient.

Car insurance companies use your credit score, educational level, homeowner status, insurance history, pay history and zip code for determining your insurance rate. Cost-efficient car insurance in Wooster, Ohio isn’t always easy to find. Prices don’t just vary based on your Wooster car insurance company, but personal factors as well including your age and driving history.

Whether you are looking for full coverage (comprehensive & collision) or liability for your business vehicle or your personal vehicle one thing holds true. Since there are so many rating factors you need an independent agent with access to a variety of companies to find the most efficient policy. Oyer Insurance Agency can help you get the cheap car insurance rates from Ohio’s state minimum coverage to high limits on a car and home insurance package.

Liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage claims ensuing from an accident, which is primarily your fault. The limits in your insurance policy are the highest amounts your insurance company will pay for claims related to physical injury and property damage. Ohio's Financial Responsibility law needs you to uphold liability limits of at least:

  • Bodily injury per person - $25,000

  • Bodily injury per accident - $50,000

  • Property Damage - $25,000

This coverage is exceeded easily even with a minor slow moving accident. We can explain multiple options to allow you to pick the right amount of insurance to fit your needs.

Look for Discounts

Most of the auto insurance companies follow similar discounts, which are added automatically to your policy. Here are some standard discounts, which you might qualify for:

  • Good driver discount

  • Paperless discount

  • Multi-policy discount

  • Automatic payment discount

  • Paid in full discount

  • Multi-vehicle discount

  • Education discount

  • Occupation discount

  • Homeowner discount

  • Safety devices

Oyer Insurance Agency is your cost-efficient car insurance company in Wooster, Ohio. As an independent agent, we find the lowest cost option through multiple companies. Trent Oyer is a certified insurance counselor that will help you find car insurance based on your budget. This is where to start with a no obligation quote.

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