Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Home insurance has changed drastically over the years from its humble origins as a fire policy. Homes have become more complex so the home insurance companies that we represent have adapted to that with industry-leading coverages. We are looking to protect the major financial hurdles you face being a homeowner. Offering the best coverage at an affordable price is one thing but when things don't go as planned we have companies that can help you in the most challenging circumstances. We have a wide availability of policies to accommodate you if you are building a home, have an old home, a seasonal vacation home, a home to renovate, a small ranch home, a vacant home, a rental home, or a mobile home.


There are many additional coverages or riders we suggest adding on based on your situation but here are a few that are new to the marketplace.

   - Service Lince Coverage:

Covers the utility lines from the road to your house at a $1,000 deductible. This includes electrical lines, sewer lines, and gas lines for $20 a year.

- Equipment Breakdown Coverage:

This covers homes systems and appliances if they break. This isn't a home warranty but does provide great coverage for $20 a year. 

We strive to help you in the good times and the bad. We understand that during a claim adjusters can be hard to get a hold of and the insurance claims process can be confusing. That is why we remain accessible in-person visits, phone, email, online, and text. Start your no obligagtion quote below.