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How Low-Cost Ohio Home Insurance Leads To Big Savings?

Ohio Home Insurance Savings

Finding low-cost home insurance can seem like a challenge, but it results in lots of savings. It may seem like a small amount when it is figured in your monthly escrow payment but over time makes a significant difference especially if that amount is applied to the principle of your mortgage.

Shopping around for affordable home insurance packages is probably the first and, arguably the most important step to save big. In addition to comparing different insurance policies, here are some more tips to help lower your insurance premiums:

1.Try to pay annually

Paying for home insurance upfront, annually, is cheaper than paying monthly. If you make your payment through an escrow account than you are paying it in full annually.

2.Buy all your policies from one agent

When you really need both home insurance and car insurance, then purchasing them together can offer significant savings as compared to buying them separately. Dealing with only one insurance agency in Wooster, Ohio may also be more convenient.

3.Only pay for what you need

Remember that high deductibles if you are able to afford them in the event of a loss can be a great cost saving measure. Not only will you pay less monthly but your will likely turn in less claims to your insurance which will keep your premium down as well.

4.Improve your home security

Most insurance providers don’t necessarily take security concerns of your house into account when calculating your premium but they do take into consideration claims. The more secure your property is, the more you will save on premiums. Thus, besides proactively implementing measures to protect your house against fires and theft, consider these steps as well:

  • Security lighting

  • Approved locks on external doors

  • Installation of a working burglar alarm

  • Key-operated windows

  • Time-switch lights for when your house is unoccupied overnight

This will hopefully prevent claims that will end up costing you a deductible and your claims free discount.

5.Purchase the recommended extra coverages

Your agent should be able to recommend coverages that will save you money in the long run. Here are a few that I think have a tremendous value:

  • Service Line Coverage: $20 a year covers your utilities from your house to the road.

  • Equipment Breakdown: $20 a year covers your furnace, AC, hot water heater, and major appliances ($500 deductible)

  • Cyber & Identity Fraud: $40 a year

  • Personal Injury: Covers for things you say and do on/off premises including defense cost

  • Earthquake: You may laugh but there is no coverage for your home in less you add it.

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