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Looking for the Best Deal on Ohio Car Insurance?

Ohio Car Insurance Deals

Although, most of us need car insurance, very few fully understand it. Car insurance is a big cost for motorists who are already paying for regular services, facing high fuel prices, and covering the vehicles’ day-to-day costs. Here are 5 smart ways of lowering your car insurance costs:

1. Do Not Assume a Company to be the cheapest

There are too many companies out there who spend lots of dollars on ads and commercials with the intention of convincing you that they offer the lowest car insurance. There really isn’t a "cheapest company" out there but instead a "cheapest company" for each person given their specific situation. Companies look at so many different criteria the only way to see the cheapest company is to get quotes. That is what we as an independent agency do well which brings us to our next point.

2. Compare car insurance with an independent agency

Instead of relying on what auto insurance companies claim, we shop around for Ohio car insurance and compare different prices to find how much you can save, simply by switching your insurance company. We have multiple companies that fit a wide variety of people so that we can quote all of our companies to find you the one that fits you the best.

3. Pay it in full for 6 months

How you pay your Ohio car insurance can make a big difference. For example, in one company paying the policy in full can save you 20% off the total premiums plus service fees but in another company their cheapest rate might be setting up your payments on automatic with draw every month. This is another area having an insurance agent comes in handy. We can help you navigate the dramatic differences between insurance companies.

4. Skip collision and comprehensive for older cars

When your older car has significantly low market value, buying collision and comprehensive coverage may be less expensive but the amount it will pay in the event of a loss will be much less as well. Personally, I always like to check with NADA or Kelly Blue Book just to get an idea on my cars value even though insurance companies use different services. Another option is to keep just comprehensive to cover a deer jumping out in front of your, hail damage, fire or theft and delete collision. Often times comprehensive is much less expensive and a good middle of the ground approach especially with all the deer we have in Ohio.

5. Seek expert assistance

An independent agent can provide a lot of value to everyone that purchases Ohio car insurance. We are able to shop around multiple insurance companies and know the differences between their coverage and policies. We are also able to advise you in beneficial coverage and explain complexities you may not even know to ask about. In the event of a claim or problem you have someone else in your corner that has access to the insurance company and understand their processes.

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