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The Ultimate Guide to Ohio SR-22 Car Insurance

Ohio SR-22 Insurance Form

There is a very high possibility that you have been hearing about Ohio SR-22 insurance for the first time unless you have been required to have one. It may be complex, and many drivers are completely unaware of its significance and filling procedures. It is also known as the Statement of Responsibility and serves as proof that you have enough car insurance coverage in accordance with the State laws. It is usually sought-after if your driving license is revoked or suspended.

Understanding the Ohio SR-22 Car Insurance

SR22 has attached your car insurance to the state and anytime you are late on your insurance premiums and cancel your car insurance, your insurance company will notify the state about it. If you were caught violating traffic laws such as driving under influence, parking on the wrong side, drunk driving, driving without a license, overspeeding, or other major violations, SR22 car insurance can be a penalty you will have to pay. SR22 certification when required is the only way you can drive a car when your driver’s license is suspended or revoked.

Types of SR-22 Forms

· An Owner SR22 is filed when you own your own car,

· An Operator or non-owner SR22 if filled to protect the car insurance policyholder, but not individual vehicles,

· When an SR22 is not attached to an auto policy it's called a Bond and is typically used when you don’t own a vehicle or plan to purchase one but need to maintain a valid driver's license.

Filling an Ohio SR-22

Your Ohio insurance agency needs to be informed first before an Ohio SR-22 car insurance filling can take place. Your auto insurance company may not be able to add an SR22 on your policy and may non-renew. Because many car insurance providers see your past driving history and any violations that you were part of, they will increase your car insurance premiums at renewal. We have several insurance companies that provide an SR-22 for a mere $10 filing fee every 6 months but it does raise the overall rate of the policy some. It's important to find a company that can offer good coverages but still has a friendly rating for the SR22.

Some companies send the filing to the state by mail which is much slower but all of our companies electronically file the SR-22 with the State of Ohio overnight. It can take a few days for them to process the filing though so it's important to keep checking on your status. If you are in a hurry, like most of our customers, to get back in the driver's seat a new option has emerged. We can print off or email you a copy of your SR22 and then you can take it to your local BMV. They usually charge $10 to fax it to Columbus but if approved you are instantly ready to drive again.

Canceling your SR 22 car insurance filling can be challenging as every State has a different law about when it can be canceled. We recommend you either call the state of Ohio or check for your status. Many car insurance companies have different categories they use to classify drivers. The average time that I see an Ohio SR-22 required is 3 years for a first offense. Although lately, I am seeing this required less and less on the first offense.


If you wish to seek guidance on SR 22 car insurance, call your local Wooster, Ohio insurance agency. As an independent insurance agency, we have expertise in insurance policy information (Trent Oyer has Certified Insurance Counselors Designation). We love helping our customers in the good times and the bad.

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