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Importance of Renters Insurance Coverages in Ohio

Wooster, Ohio Renters Insurance. We have multiple competitive companies to provide a wide variety of coverage at a low packaged price.

Renters insurance, also referred to as home and contents insurance, works much similar way how a homeowners coverage does. However, it is tailored specifically to renters (as the name suggests) while landlord’s insurance is mainly to cover them and their property. This is why you must purchase renters insurance as it covers your:

Personal belongings – it covers for your personal stuff like clothes, electronics, furniture, books, and laptop.

Personal liability – it pays you whenever you are legally responsible for a property damage or an injury to someone, such as slip-and-fall injury of someone at your residence. You can purchase coverage for person injury for things you say and do off premises as well.

Medical payments – it covers healthcare costs when someone (but not your home resident) gets hurt in any kind of accident at your residence.

Additional Living Expenses – it covers your extra temporary living costs when your place is damaged thus becomes uninhabitable.

It Fulfills Coverage Gaps

It is becoming more common for landlords to require their tenants to purchase renter’s insurance because without both policies working together there are significant gaps in coverage. In addition to all above coverage benefits, renters insurance can also provide the benefits not covered by other policies, such as your Car Insurance. For instance, just after the day you forget to pick up your laptop while getting out of your car in night and next day you found your car’s window is broken. Your mind is blown away with the fact that someone has stolen your precious new laptop. If you have purchased renters insurance policy, it can pay you for the loss of laptop due to theft.

Bottom Line

Renters insurance is a must have for every renter. It covers your personal possessions, whether these are at your home, vehicle or with you when you are on journey. Also, renter’s insurance renders liability coverage when someone gets injured at your residence or when you cause injury to someone accidentally. Make sure you approach an insurance agency in Wooster, Ohio to understand what your policy covers with what discounts, limitations and deductibles. It is also very inexpensive when compared to other insurance policies especially when you consider the discount for packaging it with your Ohio car insurance.

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