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Stored Car Insurance: Protecting your vehicle at a fraction of the cost

Car Insurance

Almost everyone has car insurance in Ohio to protect their cars from on-road accidents. As a car insurance owner, you might think that your cars are secure when stationary and parked, but the risk of car damage due to a hit by another driver, vandalism, stolen, fire tree or hail damage are proportionally high. It gives rise to the need of stored car insurance in Ohio.

Why Storage Car Insurance?

Whether you are parking the vehicle at home, office, storage facility or friends. For most of the day, our cars are stationary, leading to an increased risk of getting hit by any driver around. Either intentional or unintentional, stored car insurance is specifically made to protect you and your motor vehicle from such ill-fated scenarios. Even locked garages with security don’t entirely limit the exposure to damage. I have seen fire, flood, wind and falling objects total vehicles on a frequent basis over my last 10 years at Oyer Insurance.

Storage Car Insurance Considerations

If you hold car insurance in Ohio, there is a high chance that your current car covers if you accidentally hit a car that was parked. Apart from these, storage car insurance will be valuable to you if:

· You have a classic car that you only drive a few time at car shows.

· You have a winter car and summer car you alternate between.

· You have a car that is a back up car in-case your primary breaks down.

If as a car owner you are worried that there is a higher chance of your getting hit while parked, you should also keep collision coverage on as well. If the damage is from a hit and skip or uninsured driver only collision will cover your vehicle not comprehensive.

When in doubt about protecting your stored cars call your local Wooster, Ohio insurance agency Oyer Insurance Agency. As an independent agent, we are able to find the lowest cost option from one of our multiple companies.

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