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If My Garage Burns, Will My Home or Car Insurance Pay for my Car?

Car Insurance

There are many unfortunate events that homeowners may come across. One such event is a garage fire and the damage it can bring to our automobiles. There may be multiple reasons for the occurrence of garage fire, but homeowners are often confused and wish to know who will pay for the damages. Will the Ohio car insurance, or home insurance Wooster cover the cost of damages? Here are some answers that insurance business experts provide.

Who Covers Cost of Car Damage

In the case of a garage fire, home insurance will not cover the cost of your car damages. Many home insurances explicitly state this because the coverage for motorized vehicles come from a car insurance policy. Comprehensive coverage on an auto insurance policy covers fire along with many other perils. The liability insurance by itself won’t cover repairs or replacement.

Comprehensive auto insurance can cover your car from fire. Many comprehensive coverage options are much more affordable than collision especially considering the vast number of things it covers. I have seen comprehensive claims frequently from falling trees and limbs, deer, hail, fire, flood and vandalism.

For motor vehicle owners, buying comprehensive coverage with or without collision is important and something I frequently recommend. Home insurance policies are specifically made to not include motor vehicles as part of that policy. Many car owners buy packaged coverage that includes both home insurance and car insurance components. This can be helpful in a loss like a garage fire that would include both policies.

When in doubt about what insurance coverage is best for you in case of a garage fire, call your local Wooster, Ohio insurance agency Oyer Insurance Agency. As an independent agent, we are able to find the lowest cost option from one of our multiple companies.

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