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How much will it cost to insure my four wheeler or side by side?

ATV Insurance

ATV, 4 Wheeler, and Side by Side Insurance

It is so much fun having a four-wheeler or a side by side with you on vacations or for a casual cruse. In the past people would try use a home insurance policy to cover these types of vehicles but now most home insurance policies exclude any type of motorized vehicle. Although All-Terrain vehicles (ATVs) are small and may not cost much, it is still a wise decision to seek insurance with liability coverage to protect yourself from injuries and accidents. In many states, it may be covered best using a type of motorcycle insurance policy. If you are looking for insurance Wooster, Ohio, it is important to know what it might cover and how much can it cost.

Costs and Coverage of Four Wheeler or Side-by-Side

Across the motorcycle insurance or auto insurance industry, the cost to protect your off-road four-wheeler can range from $75 to $4,000 a year in premiums. It depends on the level of coverage, the driver, power (CC) of the vehicle and where you purchase the policy from. Many states require liability coverage if the vehicle is ever driven on the road even if you haven’t plated the vehicle. Failure to comply with these laws can include fines, driver’s license suspension, and requirement of state filings for up to 3 years.

If your ATV is cheap and old, some auto insurance companies also provide liability coverage for as low as $75 a year. However, you can add extras on it and increase it to full comprehensive coverage as per your choice. Many times, there are coverages available that might be beneficial to cover hunting or camping equipment at a minimal cost.

Some known areas that a comprehensive or labiality insurance four-wheelers may include:

• Medical payment coverage for pedestrians and individuals affected due to your accident.

• Liability coverage for property damage and bodily injury caused by you or an insured motorist.

• Comprehensive coverage for damage due to theft, fire, floods, and hitting an animal.

• Collision coverage for wrecking the vehicle or hitting another vehicle.

• Roadside assistance for thing like battery jumpstart, delivery of fuel, and towing.

• Coverage for damage to your helmet and other accessories.

• Coverage for personal items, hunting, fishing or camping equipment.

If you just purchased a new ATV some companies have coverage that would replace it with a new vehicle if it were totaled in the first 5 years.

When in doubt about getting your four wheeler insured, call your local Wooster, Ohio insurance agency Oyer Insurance Agency. As an independent agent, we are able to find the lowest cost option from our multiple Ohio Insurance Companies.

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