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Can Out of State Speeding Tickets Affect My Auto Insurance Rates?


Every state has different laws and it can happen that you may get caught speeding in a different state than yours. As per the Driver License Compact (DLC) that over 45 states have signed, any points for violation of traffic laws are recorded on your driver’s license and can result in the suspension of your license or increase in auto insurance rates in the future. Almost all states share this data so no matter where you drive the violation in that state will follow you to the other states as well.

Generally, auto insurance providers, even with your Wooster car insurance look at driving history to determine the price for car insurance. Many safe drivers with fewer points or accidents are charged less, while those with more points, a suspension history, and at-fault accidents are charged more. Therefore, as soon as those violation points start climbing, so will your auto insurance rates too.

Why Out-of-State Tickets Causes a hike in Auto Insurance Rates

If you are thinking that you were caught running a red light or speeding across the neighborhood in New York won’t affect your records in Ohio, you are mistaken. Ohio car insurance providers regularly check your past driving history to assess insurance rates and premiums.

Regardless, it is highly likely that the point system used by Wooster car insurance providers and law enforcement will be different. You should always be aware of how the point system works and how your auto insurance provider asses them. In Ohio generally they look back 2 years but insurance companies typically look back 3-5 years. Also, the points that are charged for different violations vary greatly between companies.

Ways to reduce Auto Insurance Rates

If you wish to reduce your auto insurance rates, the best way is to drive safely. Following ways might help:

  1. Use built-in cruise control feature in your car to reduce risk of overspending

  2. Seek accident forgiveness if possible and available by auto insurance providers

  3. Use car or technology safety features to alert you of excessive speed

  4. Know out-of-state traffic laws and pay your fines on time.

If you wish to learn more about how car insurance providers assess out-of-state speeding tickets, call your local Wooster, Ohio insurance agency Oyer Insurance Agency. As an independent agent, we have Expertise in insurance policy information (Trent Oyer has Certified Insurance Counselors Designation).

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