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What to do after you have been hit?

Car Accident? Here are insurance tips.

The unimaginable has happened, and now you will need to deal with the headache and hassle. We are here to help you, beginning with whom to call after an accident.

Not at-fault accidents can be complicated and are rarely ever the same. It's important to have an agent to advise you on the best course of action depending on the circumstances.

Pros of calling your own insurance

In a car accident coverage, you can make a claim on your own car insurance company. Your insurer will pay for all the car expenses, minus any deductibles. The driver, which is at-fault, might not contact their insurance company. Generally, you will feel more confident in your insurance provider than the other party’s. The whole will be probably quicker as the company will not have to determine who is at fault before sending you the check. Not only that but if you don’t have the other parties insurance information waiting for an accident report can take valuable time. The other party may not even have insurance which would mean you waited for nothing. In case you have a rental reimbursement in your policy, you can get a rental car right away.

Pros of using the at-fault parties insurance

You eliminate having to worry about a deductible with your insurance and paying any additional for a rental car. Also, if you don’t have collision coverage under your policy and the other party has insurance then your only option is to turn it in under the at-fault parties insurance.

Getting the Facts Straight

After you get into a car accident, its best to call your auto insurance agent. Moreover, don’t forget to get all the facts straight right after the accident. Oyer insurance has created a checklist for you to follow and ensure you get the details to your auto insurance agent.

  • Right after your accident, call the police

  • Exchange insurance information with the other party

  • Call your agent as we can help you sort through many of the variables and simplify the process. We can also request an accident report on your behalf to obtain their insurance information if you were unable to obtain it.

  • After informing the police about the incident, take your phone or use a voice memo to report everything that has happened.

  • Also, take pictures of the accidents to report any major or minor damages, which are done to your vehicle and other party’s vehicle. It is vital, as your description of damage should be identical with your photographs when you report the matter to your car insurance agent.

  • Don’t forget to report any kind of injuries you have sustained during the accident.

  • Last, but not the least, do not forget to report any damage done to the property such as a laptop, iPad etc.

Oyer Insurance is a specialized Wooster car insurance company. Get the right quote today to ensure you find the best auto insurance for your unique needs. A little time acquiring the right kind of insurance, and a few dollars paying for it, might save a lot of cost in the event of an accident.

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