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Insurance Basics for Small Businesses – Assessing Your Risks

Wooster Business Insurance

Entrepreneurship begins with taking calculated risks. While planning for financing, marketing, production, and sales, you have to make sure you are protected against common business risks. In addition to acquiring the right talent, securing the right set of business insurance policies is necessary for your small business’s sustainability as well as long-term success.

As a small business can attract a costly lawsuit even when they have done nothing wrong, similarly, just an allegation can harm your business’s existence. A Business owner should always carry more insurance on a business policy than they would on a personal policy. Businesses or anyone that takes compensation for a product or service are held to a higher standard. Having insurance coverage assists you to protect your monetary and mental investment in your business in case something unpredictable appears. Therefore, you need to assess your business risks.

Assessing Your Business Risks

A business insurance agency can analyze your potential business needs and risks, and device an effective plan that best fits your company requirements. Their goal is to gain a thorough understanding of your business to identify potential risks and analyze and evaluate possible property losses, liability costs, automobile losses, business interruption consequences and injuries to employees.

Types of insurance

There are a wide variety of insurance products, some of them are optional while others are obligatory. Share your business details to help your insurance agency understand your needs and inherent business risks. Choosing the right set of business insurance policies can save you from significant loss. Some of the policies suitable for your small business may include:

  • General liability insurance

  • Property Insurance

  • Ohio Car insurance

  • Worker’s Compensation (purchased through the state of Ohio)

  • Professional Liability Insurance

  • Employment Practices Liability

  • Cyber Policy (data breach and more)

Final Note

Insurance is often a fixed cost when operating a business which can be difficult if its only being utilized in a part-time capacity. Many small businesses will go without basic general liability insurance until they are large enough to justify the fixed cost. This leaves the entrepreneur in an extremely vulnerable position. Our recommendation is to include the basic necessary insurance, advised by your Wooster Insurance Agent, into your mandatory fixed costs to determine if the business is feasible in its current capacity.

If you are a small business located in Wooster, Ohio, it is a wise idea to approach a local insurance agency as they can guide you better than anyone else with your business risk analysis for Wooster insurance policies.

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