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Beware of Fraudulent Misrepresentation on Home Insurance Claims

Beware of Fraudulent Misrepresentation on Home Insurance Claims

Simply put, insurance fraud (over $1,000) is a felony in Ohio and isn’t anything to mess around with or even let the smallest mistruth slip. Insurance fraud is typically an act executed by an insured with the intention of obtaining a fraudulent result from an insurance process. The Insured is usually shocked to find out that their home insurance claim is rejected on the basis of misrepresentation or fraudulent documentation. What is initially an utterly unpleasant surprise, instantly turns into a painful experience.

Fraudulent misrepresentation on home insurance claims is quite common. However, in order to establish a fraud, an insurance agency has to present evidence of lies, acts of deception and inconsistent statements. The insured must remember that the assessment and evaluation of such evidence is largely subjective. Consequently, misrepresentation and fraud claims on property insurance require an element of determined motive that the insured or claimant may have misplaced the documents. This could be the result of reluctance in providing a response, misplaced commodities, or inadequacy of translation services.

When evaluating a home insurance claim, denied on the basis of fraudulent misrepresentation, your insurance provider typically discusses the claim with you in detail and analyzes the claim to determine the sufficient verification or proof of the denial. Just to make you aware that collateral damage is a serious problem, which is of paramount importance to address. This is because home insurance applications usually ask whether an insured has ever been denied of a claim based on fraudulent misrepresentation. The insurance provider, thereby, begins working to protect and clear your reputation as well as ensure the maximum recovery possible that is allowed under the insurance policy.

At Oyer Insurance Agency we work to form clear lines of communication to make sure that there aren't these misunderstandings. We also work to keep you educated in navigating the insurance world with all its legalities. We strive to help the people Wooster, Ohio avoid being tainted by fraudulent misrepresentation.

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