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Car insurance provides many benefits and is mandatory by law all across the US. In fact, it is illegal to drive any automobile or vehicle without minimum car insurance or some other proof of your financial responsibility (FR) in the state of Ohio. In addition, it is illegal for a vehicle owner to permit another individual to drive the owner’s automobile without proof of FR.

The minimum required car insurance varies from state to state. It implies that auto insurance coverage and limits that works the best for your family member or friend living elsewhere might not be suitable for you.

In Ohio, the minimum car insurance consists of following two types of coverage:

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: It is presently $25k per individual injured in any one auto accident and $50k for all people injured in any one motor vehicle accident.

Property Damage Liability Coverage: It is currently $25k for destruction or damage to others’ property and belongings in any one accident.

Your car insurance must cover you up to the minimum of the policy limits. However, these minimum limits set by your state may not necessarily be adequate. This is because, when a car accident causes a damage, costing you far more than your policy limits, then you have to pay out of your pocket for any damages that your car insurance does not cover, such as medical costs, repair expenses to fix any property damage, and legal costs for possible court proceedings. If you do not have enough funds to pay for the damages, then legal authorities in Ohio can take away your home, vehicle and other possessions and belongings to cover them. In addition, your current, as well as future wages could also be garnished.

To know more about minimum car insurance requirement in Wooster, Ohio, approach a Wooster insurance agency that understands your circumstances and provides best possible policy options.

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