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Non-owner and SR22 Insurance Explained

Some people get their driver’s license suspended because of a DUI or driving without insurance. In that kind of a situation, these drivers may have to carry a bond know as an SR22. The department for motor vehicles will ask them to provide proof of insurance in order to re-instate driving privileges. It can also be considered as a great option available for the people who do not own a vehicle but need to prove they have car insurance. The SR22 will provide the necessary protection for those drivers. In Ohio they consider a SR22 vehicle liability insurance document that is recognized by the DMV offices. In SR22, the SR stands for safety responsibility. An auto insurance company that is available in the state will help the people who are interested in it to get their license back. Buying a bond can also be considered the same as buying a non-owner car insurance with SR22. The insurance company which will file your documents with the state will charge you an amount for this insurance. This fee is attached to your auto insurance premium but is typically very minimal. These auto insurance companies will also be able to switch your non owner policy to a normal car insurance policy in the event that your purchase a car. There are some factors which affect the monthly cost of a non-owner car insurance. The amount of protection you need, your zip code, your insurance score and your driving history will directly affect for the amount you have to pay. However, this type of car insurance will cover only the liability. Non owner SR22 is normally cheaper than other insurance types. We have multiple companies that offer non owner policies, SR22 and Bonds to make sure you are getting the least expensive option. If you are renting a car occasionally, you would have to purchase the rental car companies insurance. Non owner car insurance is not for people who own vehicles or are driving someone else’s vehicle. In those cases you must car insurance or be listed as a driver on the other person’s policy Non Owner Ohio car insurance can be a great option for drivers looking to get their drivers license back but don’t have a car yet. Oyer Insurance Agency has help hundreds of people in this situation in the Wooster area over the past 35 years. When the driver does get a car we can easily add it to their policy with just a phone call. This insurance however is absolutely not a substitute for Ohio car insurance. If you are in the Wooster area we are available to help you navigate any position that you find yourself in just fill out a quote here. Car insurance is not to be taken lightly and you will most certainly need the advice of a licensed insurance agent who is an expert in this field.

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