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Stolen Car? Here’s what to do after an Auto Theft

Stolen Car

When you head out to your driveway or parking lot and realize that your car has been stolen, it might be a big emotional shock. Car theft is a violation of your security as well as a major inconvenience. According to the Insurance Information Institute, Ohio is surprisingly ranked 8th for most vehicles stolen with 20,253 in 2017. In case of a car theft, you have to act quickly and there are some things to consider handling the situation calmly:

Call the Police

In case your car is stolen, reporting immediately will help you find it. You will also need a police report when contacting your insurer. Your claim advisor will ask the report number to open your claim. When you call the police, they will probably ask you the following questions:

  • Number of your insurance policy

  • The location of the theft

  • Contact information for any eyewitnesses

Call Your Insurer

After contacting the police, report the theft to your auto insurance company and file a claim. Keep the following information on hand:

  • Your police report number

  • Your insurance policy number or auto insurance certificate number

  • The location of the theft

Based on the above information, your insurance claim advisor will assess your coverage and explain the phases involved.


In case your insurance company offers coverage for a stolen car, they will assess the situation on their own. They will take the necessary steps to rule out the possibilities of fraud. They want to be sure you are not hiding the vehicle or trying to file a claim when the car hasn’t been stolen. It is important to remember that not all of your claims will go through your auto insurance policy. They will file damages such as broken windows or on an auto insurance claim, though personal items will be filed through your homeowners or renters insurance. Your auto insurance company might also direct you how to get your car fixed if required.

Comprehensive auto insurance covers vehicle damage caused due to non-collision events. Different policies from auto insurance companies will have different coverage levels, so check your policy to know exactly what to expect in the unfortunate event.

One reassuring thing we see is that they typically recover stolen vehicles with in a couple days. Statista shows in 2017 the recovery rate of stolen vehicles is 59.1% nationwide but that number is much lower in more populated areas. Most vehicles stolen in Wooster, Ohio were typically stolen for a joy ride or to get to the next town over not taken to a chop shop or sold over the border. Just because your vehicle is recovered doesn’t mean you don’t still need insurance. Many times the recovered vehicle is missing parts or damaged.

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