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Holiday Home Safety Tips

Wooster Home Insurance Safety

Holidays are special occasions for families to get together and spend some good time around their loved ones. Unwrapping gifts and cooking delicious recipes have become part of our holiday routine. However, although it is a fun time that we all wish to enjoy, precautions from hazards are equally important and should be seen as our first priority. Here are some holiday home safety tips that many home insurance providers recommend to protect your loved ones and keep your holidays memorable for the good reasons.

Reduce Kitchen Hazards

Kitchen fires account for over 20 percent of all fires in residential areas. During a good family time or when preparing for a get-together, we usually engage in multitasking. If you have kids aged 6 or below, ensure they are not near the stove or kitchen appliances. While cooking, try to stay in the kitchen and never leave the process unattended. Regularly check if the food is cooked in the microwave and wait for a minute before taking it out while opening it slowly to reduce burns. Keep your utensils, paper bags, pot holders and cutlery at a safe distance from the stovetop. Kitchen fires are usually covered by home insurance.

Check Electrical Sockets

Before a holiday season or family event, get your electrical sockets checked by experts to ensure they are in working condition and are free from a ground fault. Hanging lights and open electrical boards may lead to electrical shocks. Keep all switches locked, and prevent children from plugging in electrical appliances and smartphones by themselves. Ensure there are no water containers near electrical sockets.

Reducing Pool Hazards

Drowning is a major issue for pool owners. Having guests with children it’s important to remember they may not be as familiar with these dangers. If you own a pool at your house, ensure it is guarded by fences and gates to protect children from accidental entry. Always accompany children and oversee their pool activities to reduce the risk of drowning.

Have a Burglar Alarm

If you are leaving your home for a temporary and extended period, have a security camera and burglar alarm installed. Many new security doorbell cameras and locks provide a live feed to your smartphones and alert homeowners in case of an emergency and theft. Your home insurance typically gives discounts for monitored alarm systems.

Buy Home Insurance

Buying home insurance from a trusted Wooster insurance provider can help you cover repair and damages in case of a fire or hazard. Home insurance also provides liability and comprehensive medical coverage for you and your family. Always look for competitive quotes, and pay your premiums on time if you already have home insurance. Know the terms and conditions and ensure that all equipment and appliances are insured. This also includes those of you that rent. You are in need of liability, medical, loss of use and contents coverage just as someone who owns a home. You landlord is only able to cover his own property and liability not yours.

If you are thinking to buy home insurance to protect your house during holidays, call your local Wooster, Ohio insurance agency Oyer Insurance Agency. As an independent agent, we are able to find the lowest cost option from one of our multiple companies.

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